5 Habits to Help You Lose Weight


Ryan Day Coaching

You’ve tried it all.

Keto. Intermittent fasting. Fasted cardio. Low-fat. Paleo. The list goes on.

You lost some weight. Heck, you may have even lost a lot of weight.

But…you put it back on. And then some.

You did everything right and worked so damn hard to lose weight, but as soon as you stopped – your body started holding onto fat for dear life.

It frustrates you to no end, so you throw in the towel on diets once and for all.

Good. I’m glad you gave up on diets.

Diets work about as well as those stupid avocado savers that still leave your avocado brown the next day.

If you want to lose weight, you have to become a new person. You have to grow. You have to adopt the identity of somebody who IS healthy. Not somebody who just wants to be healthy.

I’m going to make this sound simple, and that’s because it is. But don’t mistake simple for easy.

It’s not easy.

It’s hard. And you’ll encounter challenges. You’ll get frustrated, and you’ll have days where you totally flop.

Guess what – anything worth doing is hard. So stop looking for easy.

Easy is what gets sold to you on social media because it sells and “sounds cool”.

Here are some things that sound cool, but will not make you sustainably lose weight:

  • Doing a 2-minute cold plunge every morning
  • Taking the same supplements as a ripped person on social media
  • Sauna
  • 30-day weight loss challenges
  • Fasted cardio
  • Greens powders
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Training to “burn fat”
  • Taking shots of apple cider vinegar

These things sound cool to talk about, but good luck getting sustainable results using these tactics.

You know what’s not cool to talk about?

  • Getting 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night
  • Walking 8,000 steps every day
  • Lifting weights 3-4 times a week
  • Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day
  • Spending quality time with loved ones to build community
  • Eating a high-protein diet
  • Tracking calories to make sure you don’t overeat

^ These are as boring as it gets. Start telling people this is what you’re doing, and watch their eyes start to wander. It’s not sexy. It doesn’t sell. It’s BORING.

But – You know what will cause people to pay attention?

When you finally lose the weight AND keep it off.

When your skin starts glowing and makes you look ten years younger.

When you radiate happiness because you have more energy to invest in meaningful relationships.

When you can confidently eat a burger and fries knowing that it’s not going to stick to you for weeks.

People notice these things, and they’ll want to know how you did it.

And what will you tell them?

You’ll rattle off the seven habits listed above. (I know the title of the post says five habits, but I’m feeling generous.)

You’ll tell them it’s simple, but it’s not easy.

You’ll tell them it was tough at first, but once you got it figured out, it became easier and easier because you became the person who IS healthy and not the person who just wants to be healthy.

You’ll tell them that you’re glad you took 12 months to bear down and figure it out instead of spinning your wheels with fad diets and gimmicks for 10 more years.

And perhaps what’s most important isn’t what you’ll tell other people. It’s what you’ll start to tell yourself.

You’ll be proud of the person you became during the journey.

You’ll be confident in your body.

You’ll be proud of the example you’re setting for your family.

And it just takes making slow, gradual changes that move you toward a healthier version of yourself.

It doesn’t happen overnight, and run fast and far from anybody who claims it does.

Do the small, boring work consistently over time and watch it compound.

You’ll be unrecognizable in 12 months.

Let me know how I can help.